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KS3 Art & Design Online (Years 7 & 8)

Our KS3 Art & Design curriculum includes both Fine Art & Photography (These are separate sessions during the week) This tuition is perfect for Home-Schoolers and children who are looking for some additional after school art tutoring. 

All sessions are designed to be delivered online, enabling learners to engage in various tasks and activities. The over-arching aim of our KS3 programme is to provide them with a broad insight into areas of art and photography, inspiring their creativity and developing new skills and techniques. Alongside this, we explore various artists, artworks and movements through different projects and practice fundamental skills in investigation, analysis of work and evaluation. Everything around us is influenced by art and design, from the clothes we wear, to the architecture of our buildings. Our classes look to educate learners, providing them with a breadth of understanding and experience in various areas.


We thrive on supporting young people through challenges and over obstacles and embrace that everyone is an individual. All of our learning aims to empower excellence and boost artistic creativity and confidence throughout.

Our tutors also set additional projects and home learning for learners to complete throughout the week, or to work on in their free time.


Our Fine Art programme for KS3 runs over 2 years. It does not matter if a learner starts their aARTvark journey at the beginning, middle or end of the course, but we do look to ensure that learners always gain the most out of their time with us. 

Year 1 of our Online Fine Art programme includes:

  • Understanding and applying colour theory

  • Developing and practicing drawing skills and techniques

  • Exploring artists' work in line with a set theme

  • Investigating patterns and constructing illusions

  • Investigating artists and great works of the 20th Century

  • Exploring various of cultures of art from around the world

Year 2 of our Online Fine Art Programme includes:

  • Developing and practicing painting skills and techniques

  • Exploring 'Ready Made' art & the work of Joseph Cornell

  • Exploring Portraiture and Human Form

  • Understanding the role of text in art

  • Investigating artists and techniques in relation to the theme 'Urbanism'

  • Investigating the work of Henri Matisse

Similarly, our Photography KS3 programme covers the following areas.

Year 1 of our Online Photography Programme includes:

  • Understanding components and settings of the camera

  • Exploring fundamental elements of photography including exposure, aperture and depth of field

  • Capturing shape, line and colour effectively 

  • Practicing skills to capture a variety of subjects

  • Creating storyboards and using photography to develop narrative

  • Exploring the use of colour in photography and the impacts of opacity

  • Establishing how to capture feeling and tone in photography

  • Photojournalism

  • Food Photography

Year 2 of our Online Photography Programme includes:

  • Practicing additional camera techniques and skills, including using Shutter Speeds, using composition and rule of thirds effectively

  • Investigating capturing subjects from different angles and perspectives

  • Using photography to illustrate ideas and convey concepts, such as responding to music and poetry

GCSE Art & Design Online (Years 9, 10, 11)

Whilst our KS3 programmes focus on exploring a variety of skills and techniques and enhancing learner knowledge, our GCSE sessions explore a set theme where learners research, experiment and develop pieces of work. We investigate a range of artists and designers and learners will compile a comprehensive portfolio of work in response to a title. 

The course is broken down into two components. The first component is an internally assessed project (meaning that our tutors assess the work) and the second component is an externally sat exam piece which is sat at our Partnered Exam Centre in Taunton, hosted by Tutors & Exams. 

If your child is taking GCSE Fine Art/Photography with us, parents must enter through Tutors & Exams (Taunton Centre) We follow the OCR Examination Board Specification for Art & Design, though all exam board's schemes are very similar. Entries can be made through the Tutors & Exams Website. As a bonus of studying Art & Design with The aARTvark, we will give leaners a code to receive a discount when entering through Tutors & Exams. 





About Tutors & Exams:

"Tutors & Exams provides examination and assessment facilities primarily aimed at private and home educated candidates. The company was established in 2014 by a former Examinations Officer and Awarding Organisation Manager with over 25 years’ experience in education administration. In the intervening years Tutors & Exams has evolved into a much valued and respected examination venue. 
Tutors & Exams has nationwide coverage with centres located around the country All are approved for examination delivery by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). 


In addition to our examination centres, we also have a dedicated Science laboratory based in Birmingham, England with the ability to deliver A Level Science practicals all year round (consecutive four-day course for each subject).  We have also partnered with two schools in London, one in Bolton and one in Sheffield to deliver Science practicals outside of term time, using their labs.


In 2020/21 Tutors & Exams delivered examination assessments to thousands of candidates. We cater for 95% of all GCSE/GCE, International GCSE/GCE and Pearson Edexcel International A Level subjects alongside Functional Skills. We are also willing to consider requests for additional subjects that we do not currently cater for.


To ensure access to assessment is available to ALL learners we have our own SENCo who can assist in organising access arrangements if required. 


We work in partnership with many large, respected distance learning providers and online schools, and very much value these relationships to deliver high quality assessment for their learners. We also accommodate private training organisations delivering qualifications to sizeable cohorts spread geographically throughout the UK. 
Furthermore, we also facilitate examinations for a growing number of universities to deliver their distance learning programmes.  The University of London, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Napier University, Loughborough University and Edinburgh Business School are already valued clients. Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing and AAT (Association of Accountancy Technicians) assessments are also available in our centres"

Adult Classes (16+)

Whether you are a complete beginner to fine art and photography, or you you would like to develop your skills further, our adult classes aim to provide learners with new skills and creative challenges, opening opportunities and enhancing your artistic knowledge and practices.

Booking 1:1 Sessions

We also offer 1:1 tuition sessions where learners can book slots during the

week to have support with their GCSE portfolio or would like additional

art tutoring. This is especially beneficial for young people who are looking

for a fresh perspective on their work or they require further support with their

creative skills. 

GCSE Portfolio/ Sketchbook Review & Feedback

Some learners may be looking for feedback on their art or photography portfolio (whether this is for GCSE or A Level), accompanied with guidance on how they can improve their work to meet specific grades. The aARTvark offers a Portfolio/Sketchbook Review and Feedback service where we can analyse your work and provide learners with a detailed analysis of how grading criteria is being met, how work can be improved and what steps can be taken to achieve this, alongside any additional reccommendations we have.


This service is a valuable opportunity to gain feedback on a portfolio, especially if a learner has been self-studying, are retaking an Art and Design qualification, are trying to boost their grades at school or are Home-Educated. The total cost for this service is £100.00 

All of our classes are adapted to be delivered online. We ask that learners have essential resources, such as pencils, pens, paper, some paints and brushes. Additional resources such as scrap paper and drawing subjects are usually accessible in any household. 

We also offer Activity Boxes to learners: these are complete packs of resources for learning tasks and projects which can be completed at home. (You can find information about our Activity Boxes on the Resources page)

Learners engaging in photography sessions should have something to take pictures with, ideally a digital camera, but using a phone with a quality camera may be a suitable alternative.  

Artist at Work