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Victoria (Photography Tutor)

Amongst various skills & achievements Victoria has accomplished in her life, she thoroughly enjoys supporting your people & enabling others to reach their highest potential. Victoria's philosophy has always been that every learner is completely different and we all learn in unique ways; we all have our own needs & our own dreams- which The aARTvark can help you achieve.  Flexible & engaging learning is a firm foundation to which we can move towards our aspirations, Victoria's holistic nurturing ideology aims to support a wide variety of learners who need an intervention and/or alternative tuition to support their academic and pastoral development.

Victoria has worked in various industries and sectors, gaining skills & strong leadership attributes in her career. From experience working in Administration, team & company management, Fashion & retail management, as well as obtaining major qualifications in Herbalism, Photography & Education & Training, Victoria has a breadth of skills and knowledge which she uses to realise amazing ideas & go above and beyond in innovating an approach to teaching & learning. 


Victoria has worked in both Mainstream & Independent schools, teaching & tutoring a range of learners from ages 11 - 18. Integrating new systems, designing learning programmes and leading teams of experts, Victoria has a diverse range of attributes that she uses to ensure that learners flourish & thrive. Building respect amongst team members & ensuring that learners are comfortable, happy, safe & making progress are her upmost priorities, alongside providing an attentive service where learners can grow and develop with confidence into the wider world.

Henri (Fine Art Tutor)

Creative, artistic and diversely skilled in Art & Design, Henri holds qualifications, multiple national art awards, experience and a pure enjoyment for expressing ones' self through Fine Art. With a thorough interest in various areas of art & design, Henri is a multi-talented practitioner with a strong interest in inspiring and supporting young people achieve their creative aspirations. Henri practices in his free-time, exhibits work and engages learners a variety of art challenges, projects and events; such as curating exhibitions, developing portfolio skills and growing curation confidence. Additionally, Henri holds local, regional and national awards in Art & Design alongside being recognised for his Major talent & skills.

Henri shapes his tutoring sessions around the interests and prior-knowledge of learners, exploring ideas and experimenting with a wide range of materials, techniques and approaches. Henri has achieved great outcomes with learners with his holistic & attentive style of tutoring. Sessions are hands-on, diverse in design and always fun!

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