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Welcome to The aARTvark Gallery. This is our online exhibition space which we frequently update with new work, including learner achievements and winning entries of competitions. If you would like your work to be part of our gallery, please email us at

Are you an artist looking to spread awareness of your work? We are always looking to inspire our community and promote great works of art or photography. Whatever your trade, we can post images and captions of your work in our aARTvark Gallery, which is a great way to boost recognition. If you are searching for an artist, use the search bar at the top of the page (piece of cake)

This page features The aARTvark artist's achievements and work. Visit our Portfolio Gallery, to see excellent examples of our learner's sketchbook work, and our Artists Gallery for artwork of practitioners we promote.

25th of February, 2022

Gargoyles & Grotesques

(See left) A gargoyle created by a KS3 member. Do you know the difference between Gargoyles and Groteques? Gargoyles are essentially glorified gutters, shooting water from their mouths. Groteques are frantic looking monsters, angels if you like, guarding the gates to heaven... These gruesome little fiends are made of air drying clay, painted with free-flow acrylic and finished with matt varnish (to keep them waterproof)


15th of February, 2022

Photography Experiments in a lightbox

(See left) GCSE learner captures some stunning images of beautiful flowers in the lightbox. The colours are so vibrant and vivid! The lightbox was home-made by this learner! Truly fabulous work. 


15th of February, 2022

Photography Experiments Transferred onto fabric.

(See left) One of our learners has completed his Photography GCSE with this incredible final piece; home-made lightbox photographs transferred onto fabric. 


10th of January, 2022

Creating your own Pin-Hole Camera

(See left) Looking to capture some captivating photos, but you don't have a camera? Our photography tutor demonstrated how to create your own pinhole camera today, using a shoebox. This is a fun activity, which can easily be achieved at home... and the results are fantastic!